Throughout the years of education and practice, I have been fascinated with the simplicity and power of touch. Early enough did I realize that a healing and effective massage is not only about the theoretical knowledge about the body but most of all, about the comprehension and understanding of its inner rhythm.

For years, I have been learning the healing power of touch by exploring various massage techniques from all over the world.

You deserve the best treatment to restore the balance of your body and that is what I offer by touch. That is why massage is not my job. It is an everyday, intimate interaction with every muscle and every tissue.

Joanna Ewa Mlynarczyk

I am a certified massage therapist and a member of the European Massage Association.
In business from 2012
I have over 600 hours of specialist courses and training from Poland, India, Italy and Japan. For 3 years I studied Japanese culture at the Jagiellonian University, which helped me to understand the secrets of the ancient Kobido face massage.
I am certified face yoga and face fitness instructor and currently I'm studying Integrative Nutrition to provide my clients a holistic approach to natural rejuvenation methods.
Face Modeling treatment combine with face yoga method have proven effective. Because of that I offer workshops and courses teaching others how to use these techniques

working with the best

I value quality and place strong importance on working with the best specialists in their field.


formulates and produces certain products exclusively for asi Pure Spa. They offer a few carefully chosen products made by hand in Oslo. A massage blend of organic base and essential oils that Neven and selected specifically for their physical and aromatherapeutic properties. In addition, our clients can enjoy the benefits of our facial treatment enhanced by Neven’s facial oils.

Yoga with Irmina

Yoga is one of basic element of our natural rejuvenation program. Start your individual clases with Irmina, yoga instructor and passionate dancer! Body awareness , expression trough movement , balance - Key for healthy posture!

Damian PT

is a well-known personal trainer who, with his professional advice and motivation, will help get rid of pain and improve your posture.


is a drug-free alternative for those who want to take advantage of the body's amazing properties.The product consists of nylon tape, latex-free glue and a hemisphere made of ABS plastic that constantly presses on two selected acupressure points.

Zpkes Tape are perfect to maintain Deep Tissue massage effect.
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