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We believe that the power of touch heals not only the body, but also the mind and the soul. Therefore, they deserve a unique, natural, and holistic treatment.

Our purifying treatments combine the depth of massage methods and the naturalness of products that we use.

We trust in nature as much as we trust in touch.

face massages

Kobido - Japanese Facia Massage

75 min.
1670 kr

A facial massage based on Japanese techniques from 1472 that aim for a natural lifting effect. The massage developed to improve one's health and longevity. Technique involves a series of slow and fast movements that improve the circulation of blood and lymph flow in the face, neck and upper chest area. The combination of energetic and delicate movements destroys the dead cells and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which are essential in a gradual reducing and preventing wrinkles.

Kobido is an excellent alternative as well as preparation and extension to aesthetic medicine treatments. Kobido is the oldest and most technical form of facial treatment available in Japan. This 48 Ancient Signature Techniques become very popular method of natural, safe, non-invasive face lifting, loved by women all over the world.

Try apanenese beauty care treatment both for outer beauty and inner peace.

Pressure : medium hard
Area of fokus:  aging areas; face, neckline and hands

Face Modeling - manual face therapy

110min. 1970,-

The Facemodeling Program™ is a self-developed, all-natural and holistic face rejuvenation method. The success and effectiveness of this method consists of a number of unique techniques, such as: myoplasty, acupressure, fascia release,  aesthetic kinesiotaping or transbuccal massage (applied inside the mouth)

Through the innovative use of these unique techniques, we can achieve a long-lasting effect of biological rejuvenation of a face even in a single treatment session.

Facemodeling Program works on the deepest structures of tissues and muscles, which allows us to achieve those extraordinary results.

Pressure : medium
Area of fokus:  back and neck massage and aging areas; 

back and face

75 min.
1,670 kr

Treatment ncludes manual lifting techniques of the face and loosening of the lower back and neck area.

Treatment focus on this two areas for the most effective results. First, deep tissue back massage for loosening joints and relieving muscle tension. Followed by intensive, nevertheless soothing facial massage with elements of japanese Kobido face massage. The effect of this treatment is holistic. 

Pressure: soft-medium- hard
Area of focus: back and neck, face

Body massages

Classic Massage

50 min. 1190kr,
75min. 1690 kr

This simple, original massage with medium pressure is our signature one. Treatment  combines many massage techniques adapted to the client's needs. Restores the body's natural balance and is a wonderful part of holistic health care.

Pressure : medium
Area of focus: full body

Deep Tissue


Our deep tissue massage is one of the most therapeutic forms of massage. Involves using intense pressure combined with stretching and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia.  Applying firm pressure and working on trigger points makes this massage the most effective therapy to relieve muscle pain. Deep tissue technic is primarily used to treat chronic pain and muscle. The massage is performed on back and shoulders without oils

Pressure: hard
Area of focus: back neck and shoulders


110 min.

Holistic, full body massage combines elements of Ayurvedic medicine, with the use of an aromatherapeutic blend of AVEDA oils for total relaxation and tranquility. This treatment is the ideal combination of a gentle calming massage with warm vulcanic stones and aromatherapy. Applying contemporary and classic techniques ensures peace of mind and allows the body to regenerate.

Pressure: soft/medium and hard
Area of focus: full body, hands, feet and mini facial based on Kobido


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