Body SPA set


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This set was created with a home SPA in mind and the need to relax in the privacy of every woman’s home bathroom!

A set of natural massage brushes includes:

  • A soft brush for the face and neck
  • A medium brush for the face and neck
  • Hand and foot brush
  • Dry body massage brush
  • Volcanic pumice stone*
  • Face wash pad
  • Body wash pad

* shapes of pumice stones are inserted randomly



Natural body and fece brushes made by hand from raw beech wood and agave. Wooden product, not impregnated, it should not be exposed to water. It is possible to impregnate it with natural oil. Benefits of massage:

– natural skin peeling
– stimulation of blood and lymph circulation
– improvement of skin tone, firmness and tension
– oxygenation of the skin
– improvement of skin smoothness, firms it
– accelerating skin regeneration
– removal of dead skin
– help with “ingrown” hairs
– the skin is prepared for better absorption of skin care cosmetics
– regular brushing can help reduce cellulite
– softened skin, is prepared to receive active ingredients contained in creams, oils and balms



All-natural volcanic pumice stone for feet. Very durable and resistant to abrasion. Used regularly, it helps to keep the skin of the feet in good condition, removes calluses, softens and removes excessive dryness. Used together with foot baths in magnesium salt, it works perfectly on tired and swollen feet. Pumice stone has an irregular shape and color which is the result of its natural structure.

Directions for use:

Soak your feet in warm, but not hot, water with magnesium salt. After 15 minutes, use a volcanic pumice stone. Gently massage the soles of the feet, especially those areas that are too hard and calloused. Rinse your feet with cool water after the procedure. Rinse the pumice stone under running water. Disinfect the pumice stone with salt water once a month. Place the pumice stone in a container of salted water for a minimum of 12 hours, then rinse and dry it well.



60% linen and 40% cotton – handmade. Gently massages and cleanses the body. Ideally suited for dry and wet massage, peeling. Compliant with the zero waste philosophy. The pad can be washed, preferably without using detergents.  Mild soap is the best choice. Read the washing label if need it. Read more about linen and why the I Love Grain pad is so amazing.