RazSpa A retinoid 5% – 30 ml


The vigour of vitamin A with enhanced strength and better stability. A new generation has seen the light of day!

This small heavenly bottle contains 5% of the highly active and advanced retinoid. A bit superficially, you could say that it’s a bit like the old vitamin A – only far better, more efficient, with longer stability and even more safe to use. To you, the consumer, this means that even the smallest drop remaining in the bottle will contain 5% Retinoid, because it will not break down the same way as Retinol.

This new generation of vitamin A proves more efficient for disintegrating clogged pores (blackheads), treatment of sun damaged skin, acne and ageing signs (anti-age). Similarly, it has proved more efficacious against hyper pigmentation than other vitamin A compounds. It makes the skin regenerate, stimulating the formation of collagen and, thus, you will detect amazing results in the entire structure of your skin.

As a skin cell is about 22 days to generate, you should give your RAZspa A retinoid product at least 12 weeks, before you will have the complete end result. But oh! You’ll be gorgeous! I’ve added all 5 permissible percentages, to provide you with the greatest possible effect.

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